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Techastra Solutions (P) Ltd. has been established to provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions to major publishing houses around the globe in copyediting, typesetting, data conversion and software development. We cater to content management needs in the Publishing, Education and Media industries. A highly experienced management team from the IT and publishing industries is leading our tech savvy, dynamic professionals with exceptional expertise in development and implementation of projects

Company Highlights
Managed by highly experienced IT and publishing industry professionals.
Thorough knowledge and expertise in business, operational, and process requirements.
Strong team of enterprising project managers who bring up innovative solutions.
Large scale use of sequential tools to enhance intelligent efforts.
Accelerated delivery that surpasses customer expectations.
Tested and certified measurement and analysis programs.
Strict adherence to standard process flow guidelines.
Controlled cost environment for better value realization by customers.
Investing ahead of the curve by establishing state-of-the-art development centers.
Robust IT infrastructure to deliver assured business continuity.



     Key Services

Copyediting and Proofreading
Data abstraction
Image processing/Vectorization
Interior Design
XML Conversions
Full Color Services
ePublishing Solutions
Interactive Companion CDs
Data Conversion
Project Management
Content Management
Application/Data migration
Data extraction and Validation services
All types of printing
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